Sunday, November 30, 2008

Yelling out the counts! Tae Bo: it's a family thing.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were free open classes for everyone at Omega. I easily talked Tia and Ari into going with me. In fact, Saturday I was going to sleep in and Ari woke me up wanting to go again. My girls are tough! I was so proud of them. Lots of people brought their husbands and their kids. It made for a fun atmosphere.

Here's Tia doing some ab's stuff with me near the end. Don't look close, we were all sweaty.

My sister-in-law even came. She did the whole class (it was an extra long hour and a half class even) -amazing for a first timer!

Analisa brought her whole family. I'm sorry, I'm not sure if that's the right spelling of her name. At the end we did some walking around the room, and those kids were running, jumping, and zooming past everyone. Where does that energy go when you grow up? I miss it.

We did some balance stuff near the end, and it was really good for me. That's not my specialty.

Here's my cute Ari. She loved the "exercising". Hopefully I can get them back there soon for the next school holiday.


belann said...

Glad the girls are starting young. It will be a way of life for them.

Deja said...

They're naturals. Maybe I can even come back over break ...

Although, actually, I don't think I'd survive.

Kira said...

Which sis-in-law? I love little Ari, she is a kick (of the Tai bo type).

Kelli said...

wish I could have been there. I did a lame 30 minute fake tae bo class at the school for Summer's class for PE. (I was hopping on 1 foot most of the time) After 30 minutes I was shocked at how out of breath and red faced many of the kids were. They couldn't keep up at all and I was thinking it was more of a warm-up than a workout. You hear how we are becoming more obese in our society and that was a big wake-up call to me how out of shape our kids are.
good for tia and ari to be working out with you.
PS. I really enjoyed your talk today. At the end of the meeting Summer leaned over and said she wished that the 2 of you could speak every week. me too.