Saturday, November 29, 2008


If anyone else has had trouble with meringues (I notice I didn't get any advice...), I found a great link for meringues. It's Baking 911 , and it looks like they have solutions to lots of baking problems. In my case, the problem probably was that I baked it too long (thinking that under-baking was my problem last time), and then I PUT IT IN THE FRIDGE! --which I guess you're never supposed to do. Sigh. I was hoping refrigerating would help, it did the exact opposite.


Meeshab said...

Nate made a lemon meringue pie about a month ago and it was perfect. THEN he made one for Thanksgiving and we cooked the filling too long. He put the merigue on top and we baked it and pulled it out of the oven. I panicked because I saw some juice underneath and thought it was underdone, it was just fine and I ruined it by cooking it longer. They still ate it but I ruined it. Timing is everything. Trust Tia and let her do it! That's my advice.

belann said...

Amara's pie with meringue was truly exquisite. Looked fine to me, and taste was fantastic.