Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Savannah's baptism --our road warrior trip to Yakima Wahington

My niece got baptized this month in Washington. Luckily the kids had a Friday off of school, so we decided to drive over on Friday for the Saturday service. We enjoyed some great family time, worshiped together Sunday, and drove everyone back on Monday. One Monday missed of school wasn't too big a deal, but I will tell you, that long of a drive with both legs so close together was a bit challenging. I had to eat 3 pounds of baby bell peppers to get home without dozing off.

My sisters and I made cupcakes for refreshments --which was really satisfying. Those kids flocked like buzzards around that table.

Of course the best part was being with so much family at once.
Our little baptism girl was really nervous about the actual baptism. New things are not her favorite. However she performed a musical number with her mother at the service without a tremor in her voice. Not a new thing, so she was just fine, and she ended up being fine for the baptism too.

So nice to see my Aunt and Uncle there too. They live in Washington, but are still quite a ways away from my sister's family.

Three little sisters.
Washington had its usual gorgeous mountains, but in the Yakima valley where we were, it was still wintry brown. However, we did sneak away Saturday afternoon for a little walk in Cowiche Canyon, and that place was spectacular as always. 
 I sometimes think it can't be prettier in the summer than it is in fall and winter.
 The shrubs  and seed pods have so much color.

 Along with a truly impressive collection of mosses and lichens growing on dark volcanic rock.
We hurried back to help with dinner.
Back at Kira's the cousins had a blast all playing together.

The only sad thing was going our separate ways when the weekend was over.