Friday, November 21, 2008

Dragging and the Trees

Man I'm dragging today. Jeff and I stayed up kind of late trying to figure out what to do with some investing stuff, and then I woke up three or four times during the night panicked about said investing stuff (we bought some property just before the big housing market crash --I wish I'd spent that money at the mall now), and going to one of Wendy's workouts with that type of a night sleep behind you is not a good idea. Here wait I'm going to look for my Wendy picture:
see-- that type of energy on someone's face is scary when you think of the things they're going to make you do for an hour! So I got the kids off to school, and went to sleep. I can't seem to make myself do anything. When I did drive Kai to preschool I was cheered up a little to see my flowering pear trees are finally changing color.
We've got them all down our street actually, and they look like a row of torches all lit up. Sorry, I know that's a cliche, but they really look like someone lit the trees on fire. I remember when I first came up to Utah to go to school, and the leaves all started changing color, I was so excited, I sent leaf samples in letters home to my San Diego boyfriend. I'm sure he was thrilled. I can just picture his face now opening up envelope after envelope of dried out crushed leaves. I just hadn't seen things like that before in So. California. If I remember right, I was also excited when it started snowing, but that excitement wore off pretty quick, and hasn't come back.


belann said...

Colors of fall don't get old. Snow certainly does. You still might want to see the accupuncture guy about your sleep,or...sell the property.

Deja said...

Trees like torches. I don't think that's a cliche. It's lovely.

And I'm glad you went back to bed. You deserve a break, for once in your life.

Kelli said...

I love the trees on your street. I wish we had them on our street. I did plant 2 on the side of my house.
PS, I think we went back to bed on the same day. I thought that was funny and now I don't feel so bad about doing it.