About me and this blog

Hi, I'm Amara Bray. I grew up in San Diego, but have lived in Utah since college. I'm a Mom with three kids, the middle one who is deaf. I got my masters in science, and taught a semester at a community college, but quickly decided that wasn't for me. I also have trained classically as a vocalist, but that isn't going anywhere right now either, just gives me pleasure when I sing in church I guess.

When I moved down to my present home, a bunch of friends talked me into going to a kickboxing class with them. Even though I jogged/ran an hour and a half a day, that class kicked my booty and I was hooked! I certified to teach the next spring, and have been teaching ever since.

I've lifted weights since high school, but got serious about it in 2009 and worked with a personal trainer for a few months to get ready to compete in the Mountain States NGA competition. My first (and only) show, and I got first in Masters, and second in short divisions! (I've always been a shorty.)

I then needed a new challenge, so trained and ran in the Thanksgiving Point Half Marathon and Ragnar relay races last summer. Not easy. I'm teaching classes with Sweaty Chix fitness and for BYU now, and learning how to swim a good freestyle (triathlon in the future??). I also got my personal trainer certification with AFAA last summer, and train clients out of my home gym --see my BRAYn train page.

I've done a lot of catering in the past, and you'll see posts on it on this blog, but I've recently decided to give myself a break from it for a while. I still love to cook, and with our family's recent decision to eat a mainly vegan diet, this has presented some new and challenging cooking adventures for me. I hope to share more of those on here in the future.

Please leave me a comment or email (jeffamara at gmail dot com) and let me know what you think, and what you'd like to see on this blog. Love, Amara