Thursday, November 13, 2008

Treasure hunt

Just got back from our neighborhood "treasure hunt". I was pretty excited about it, mainly because it meant I wouldn't have to make another trip to D.I. --just give it to the neighbors (who would probably wind up giving it to D.I.). ANYWAY, I came home with an electric griddle, rolling pin, a bag full of girl baby clothes (you're welcome Kira), a little jacket for Ari, and best of all:4 shirts and a pair of shorts for ME.

I must be a bad shopper normally. It takes me forever to find a shirt that I think looks good on me. I think it's because I really wish and hope I'm smaller than I am so I buy too small. Pretty pathetic. This one girl brought a bunch of shirts, and she is a SMART shopper apparently because they all looked great. Too be honest, when I looked at them there, I thought they looked a little big for me. Sigh. If I could just get over my delusions (when I lose that 10 pounds this will look GREAT!), I think I would dress a lot better, and be a lot more comfortable in the bargain.

OR, maybe these are just nicer clothes than I'm willing to pay for. Very possible.


Kira said...

YAHOO! Treasures for me. So... I don't get it. Is it a big neighborhood trade party?

Deja said...

Yeah, explain this party? Sounds like a good idea.

You are teeny tiny. The shirts are delusional.