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Don't just train, BRAYn Train!
Personal Training, weight-loss coaching, and nutritional guidance by Amara Bray. AFAA certified personal trainer..
Sick of working out and getting no where? Let me guide you every step of the way to creating and maintaining the body you desire. Get fit and strong, lose weight, and sculpt your body. One-on-one or with a friend in my private studio, your home, or the gym.
I've been weightlifting and bodybuilding for close to 15 years, and teaching group fitness classes (kickboxing and bodysculpting) for 3-4 years. Last year I competed in the NGA bodybuilding and figure championships and received first place Master's division, and 2nd place Short division. If a figure competition is one of your goals, I've got firsthand experience with what it takes to compete and win. If this is your first experience with weight training, or you're just looking to lose weight, I've been there myself, and have plenty of students who've been there too. I'll take the intimidation out of it if you'll let me. (jeffamara at gmail dot com)

Prices and Products:
Flexibility program (updates recommended every 2-3 weeks) 30.00
Bodysculpting Plan 1 week (five day or three day split, your choice) – 18.00
Bodysculpting Plan 4 weeks (20 days) -65.00
Nutrition plans/consultation: 50.00 initial; 35.00 follow-up
Cardio-workouts (interval style short duration workouts –3 per week.) --13.00
Initial consultation: includes body fat assessment, flexibility, strength, and fitness assessments and program recommendations: 40.00
Personal training sessions: 40.00, can come with a friend and split the cost.
Before I can create any program or workout for you, you must complete a medical history questionnaire, liability waiver, and an informed consent. Based on your medical history, I may need a Dr.'s consent for you also. I recommend doing an initial fitness assessment in order to get a baseline. You'll be amazed at your progress.