Sunday, June 29, 2014

Goodbye garden!

 Made some bouquets for the ladies I "visit teach". In our church it's a little program where we look after each other and care for each other. I had plenty of flowers --might as well use them up since we leave tomorrow for a month.
 Filled up both trash cans yesterday with cuttings, and larkspur. It was so hard to pull all of those out! But the wood chips needed to go down to help keep the weeds down while we are gone. They would look like weeds in a month anyway.
 Sigh. What a relief to see those chips covering everything though! It's like I put a nanny in for my yard while I'll be away.
 Here's what was the biggest pain in the neck to weed: the raspberry patch. It was next to the last unfinished section of the yard, so has the most weed seeds --it was the worst. Should be better now with it's thick brown blanket.
 Here's a big bummer about being away the next few weeks: I prayed over this tree. I know it's silly, but I really wanted apricots, and just when it was in bloom, a big cold spell hit our area. Classic Utah. There are apricot years, and there are barren years. I was so sure this would be a barren year, but prayed anyway, went out and talked to the tree, and worried about it every time I looked out my window that week. 
 Low and behold it is so loaded the branches are weighed down to almost the breaking point. They are big, lush fruits. But guess when they will be ripe? Yeah, right in the middle of our trip. 
 The bees are loving this lamb's ear and the lavender. I walked down into my lower garden, and at first thought they were angry the buzzing was so loud. No, just a loud contented purring from my girls.
 The Canterbury bells are laying on the ground (like they do), so are prime for picking.
 This lower area was covered in larkspur. I'm still a little sad about it being gone. By the time we are back though the marigolds should be in full swing. Notice the clouds of tansy, and day lily stalks! Tia experimented with day lilies in an arrangement and they were lovely. First time we've ever used them is this year.
 The bees have a regular highway going between their hive and the fountain. Every once in a while a bird comes in to get a drink and bath, and gets scared off by the bees!
 The yarrow is early this year. This is the longest lasting flower! Looks good for months.
 I also will miss most of this lettuce. I've been cutting now, but we'll have bolting in the next couple of weeks. Oh! planted arugula this year! Love love love it!