Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ma and Pa 'crow

Aren't these the classiest scarecrows? I brought this picture to you at great personal risk. I've been waving to these scarecrows all spring and summer as I've jogged by, and finally on Friday decided the world (or at least the tiny piece of the world that reads this blog) should see them too; but I couldn't post someone's front yard without asking permission right (or maybe it's no big deal, but their teenage daughter was IN the front yard at the time)? So I went up to the porch and rang the doorbell. They could have been muderers! But then, murderers and cute scarecrows don't really go together do they. The lady thought I was nuts, but then I'm getting used to that. Stay tuned, tomorrow I finally can post pictures of my friends kitchen remodel! It's beautiful, and I even have "before" pics.

1 comment:

Deja said...

Do you really wave at them? As in, you knew they were scarecrows and you still waved?

We really are sisters. I'd do the same.