Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Try Try Pie (It IS a good title June!)

In my church everyone works. There are no paid jobs, just lots of volunteers. The good news is, they can't fire you if you do a crappy job (the bad news is the no pay thing j.k.). Anyway, my job is to do educational or spiritual activities with a group of ten year old girls. It's called "activity days" --brilliant name I know. Tia's one of them, so that's nice. When we were planning the year, I thought, November: we could teach them how to make pies! What a great idea. We have 8 girls in our group. WHAT WAS I THINKING! I wish I had had that floor drain and fire hose installed when it came to clean-up time, but it could have been worse. One girl dumped an entire raw pumpkin pie down her cute outfit, and I won't get into all the raspberries... (I know. Who's bright idea was raspberry pie?). I had butter dough (ONLY BUTTER in my pies) and flour worked into every crack and crevice of our kitchen. But you know what? They each turned out a semi-respectable pie. Especially for the first time. I avoided pies for years, because I was so intimidated by them. Hopefully none of these girls will do that now. They've already done it once now right? I was so proud of them. There are also a couple of the girls that can get a little hyper and careless on occasion, but they seemed to really be the naturals. Go figure. Anyway, other than the clean-up it was a pretty good activity. At least I can't be fired right?


Kelli said...

I'm so sorry, I feel slightly responsible. I should have posted pictures of our attempt to teach 18 beehives how to make peach pie. Seriously, the biggest disaster that I've been involved with since Hurricane Katrina.

Deja said...

Well, THAT pie is gorgeous.

Did one of the girls make that one? Wow.

belann said...

I'll bet Tia was one of the naturals.