Sunday, March 29, 2009

The biggest dinosaur museum in the world!

I didn't tell you that along with spreading 4 loads of compost in our yard Saturday, and cleaning out half of the raspberry patch, and trimming up the sage and the lavender, and the blue fescue sections of the front, we took the kids to the dinosaur museum up at Thanksgiving Point. I don't know how many years it's been there, but we've been too cheap to do it until now. It was AMAZING! Look at the skeleton we're standing in front of: that's a prehistoric SEA TURTLE. Can you believe the size of it? Why was everything so big before? Blew me away. Don't lookat our creepy devil eyes --I can't figure out the stupid picasa red-eye fixer. I just gave up.

This was one huge room of five or six rooms. We kept getting lost it was so big ---OK, maybe we're just not that bright. Down near the bottom there were these displays of dinosaur eggs which was my favorite thing. I don't know why. One kind was perfectly round, which struck me as strange, but now that I think about it turtle eggs are round too aren't they? Also, there was a whole nest, with the eggs in it, which was really a cast (fossil) of the bottom of the nest turned upside-down. What it showed though was that the mom pushed her eggs into the sand a ways though so they didn't roll away. That was interesting I thought.

Here's my cute girls. I don't know what they are doing except looking cute. We also got to see a dinosaur movie on the IMAX screen in 3D which was awesome. I kept grabbing at the things poking out in front of me. I really caught the dragonfly in one scene. The dinosaurs almost stepped on us a bunch of times. They had this world renown scientist from Argentina in the movie (Dr. Corea), but you know what I think? I think he's famous and respected because he got lucky and found the biggest dinosaur skeleton. Really, I think he was lucky. I had all these professors at BYU that worked really hard, and published all the time, but didn't find the biggest anything, and so aren't really famous, and I don't think it's fair. OK, off the soapbox again.

Here we are in the entryway, Ari was scouting the giftshop (usually my kids favorite part of any museum), but they really liked the rest of this one too. When we left Kai said: "let's go to the dinosaur 'seum every day!" Here below is a video of the girls in the flood plain burying dinosaurs to make fossils, and changing the riverbed to "uncover fossils". At the end, you can see Kai in the background on the computer doing a dinosaur game. Where else would Kai be?

Black gold and white death.

Jeff got four loads of compost yesterday for our yard. The little neighbor boy across the street calls it "poo dirt". I call it black gold. I love compost. All of a sudden our yard looks finished again. I've worked really hard the last few weeks getting it cleaned up and trimmed, and transplanting things, and putting in pansies (yay --I found pansies in the spring! I never find them in the spring, and I usually don't have the time or money to buy them in the fall like I SHOULD, so I feel really lucky to have them, even though they are not blooming yet), but the yard still looked blah until we put it's black blanket on yesterday. I was thinking I was going to take pictures of it today to show you, until we walked outside after church at noon, and:

OK, I live in Utah, and I'm OK with winter, really. Don't love it, but I'm reconciled to it. The problem is when I've gotten all spoiled with a day of spring weather, and then winter comes BACK like pms . I can't handle it so well then.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ari's speech fair.

We went to Ari's speech fair last night. I DREAD these. Every year they start late (last year was a half hour, last night was 25 minutes late), and have all these teacher/administrator presentations which I couldn't care less about. Then when the kids do their presentations (they have kids volunteer for solo speeches, poems etc., and the classes do something too), I always bawl because Ari doesn't seem as far along as some of them and I'm always worried about if I'm doing enough for her.
Last night was better. Ari has made so much progress the past couple of years I wasn't as insecure. She even wanted to do her own poem, and had half of it memorized, but we turned in our request too late and didn't get in. Just as an interesting side note, did you hear the general Conference talk last October where Elder Anderson told the story of the little deaf girl named Hadley? She gave a speech/poem there last night.
OK this is what I wanted to tell you. There was a little boy there, I think in the kindergarten class who was so scared that when they brought him the microphone for his part he looked the other way, and up at the ceiling --like if he pretended it wasn't there it would go away. They moved on to the next kid. Later, he told his teacher he wanted to do his part so she brought him back up. Then he froze. He was supposed to do "take me out to the ballgame". After a couple of tense seconds the audience of about 150 people --all anxious parents and family of deaf children like me, started singing the song. He sang with us for the whole song. It just made me cry (I always cry at these things though, I guess that doesn't mean much). All of us had been there, where we're trying so hard to help our child progress, move forward, learn, grow. We were all rooting for him, and he did it.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hope sprouts eternal.

Things are blooming in my garden finally, and now the blogging ABOUT gardening can begin in earnest. It's been a long time since I've done a gardening post, of course it's been longer in between posts all together. Stinkin' facebook. It's killed my blogging motivation. You can get 5 comments about 1 quick sentence on facebook, as opposed to creating a whole post with pictures, etc. and getting three. Oh well. I gotta' show you my plants. This one above is a heather that I got as an orphan from a neighbor who didn't like it because it attracted too many bees. What? I love bees --the more the better. OK wasps I don't like, and some people can't tell the difference, but I digress.

My daffodils are up too.

Inside I've got my seeds started. There's a book I have called A Starter Garden that says it was only after raising plants from seed did the author feel she was a gardener instead of a plant "consumer". I tell you I feel a lot more invested in these guys after raising them from specks than the 3 buck pony pack from you know where. Of course the pony pack ones almost all live...

But these are poppies. All of them. (yay) I even got a few orange ones to sprout --the pink ones are easier from seed. I never see these in pony packs, only 7.oo each pots. OK, I know they won't all live through 2 transplants, but I should get at least 10 or 12 --way more than I can afford otherwise. I still need to go back and replant some more canterberry bells that froze to death last winter. I had a 2 yard square space solidly blue last summer --these flowers are spectaular (look at the picture below of just one bloom --and they make sheets of spikes of blooms), and I NEEEEEED them. I got my little patio poured in the middle of my flower garden at the end of last summer, and I bought my hammock. If I can just get my book of Leslie Norris poetry, and get my bluebells again I will have achieved heaven this summer (without the inconvenience of dying first).

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tia's happy birthday party.

Tia wanted a late night movie party for her birthday. I was happy to accommodate. I love those parties. For an hour or two the kids are completely entertained. Anyway, I stole a ticket image, and we made invites out of that.

I got all set up with popcorn bags and theater candy for everyone, --just a tip, if you ever do this, buy lots of Mike and Ikes --we had a full blown sneaky type run on the candy early to claim the one box. Notice you don't see it here below. I should have known when the Walgreens cashier said it was the best movie candy. Huh. I was of course thinking chocolate. Maybe girls grow into that at puberty?

We did cupcakes first, and present opening...

Then all went downstairs to the "theater". Only bummer was we made all of these 3-d glasses per instructions from the Partyland people, and they were too blurry to work well. The girls (and Kai) opted to watch the movie regular.

Kind of nice way to justify our buying furniture for that room. You see we COULD use another couch...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

One more baby shower...

We had my friend's baby shower at my house today. It was a pretty good time, and we probably had 20 or more ladies there, which I'm usually up for anyway --I love having people over, but I have to say, this one took it out of me. Luckily, people were very generous with their time and help.

My friend is having her first girl after three boys, and was hoping for a "fluffy, pink" shower, so my neighbor made her fluffy, pink frappe...

...and little tea sandwiches, that always make me think of "Bewitched", or something served at Harper Lee's house for their ladies' luncheons...
we also had little chocolates molded into baby carriages (that I didn't do :))
and a fruit bouquet that I didn't do either, but I'm doing in the future. It was so cute.
also a lot of little pink candies that I had to buy twice because I ate them all the first time...
..and these little neat favors, that my other neighbor made. It looks like I did nothing, so why am I so tired? Maybe it was all the sugar today?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Cross country --don't cross skis>

I meant to do this post a couple of weeks ago, but I'm just getting to it now I'm afraid. Jeff and I have wanted to try out an area nearby that just opened up a little while ago. They've got groomed trails for cross country skiers, and some sledding hills, etc. We finally went the Monday after valentines when Jeff was off work.

The sad thing is that IN MY MIND I'm a great cross country skier, but the truth is we only get out there once or twice a year, and I seem to have to get my balance all over again every time. This shot was taken right before I fell over on my butt. Just standing there, no hills in sight. Oh well, snow is soft.

Our good friends Lesa and Kevin came too, and for being their first time in years, they were GREAT at it. Kind of embarrassing for ME, but hey, they look athletic right? They go downhill and stuff, so no real surprise. The trails at the resort were kind of limited, but we found the road up the canyon, and it was packed with snow and really fun. That was nice, because we went all around the whole place first and although having the trails groomed was easier, it gets kind of boring going multiple times on the same loops. The road went on forever.

It was also nice being in that many trees again. Up on the Grand Mesa where we go in CO, there are evergreens all around you, and it looks like a chapstick commercial. Here, they are all deciduous, and it's a different kind of beauty. There's moss growing on the trunks, and they're pretty dense once you're off the road, and once again, I guess I just like all the different shades of brown. Notice in this picture I'm BEHIND Lesa and Kevin. I was for most of the time. Jeff was so far ahead you can't even see him. I SWEAR I work out....

I had to show a picture of the "zert". Jeff kept telling us to look for the "zert" on our way up there, and I finally said "what's a zert?". He starts describing it, and I say it sounds like the tent things they have on that mountainbiking trip from Moab to Telluride, but I think they had a different name. Lesa softly says "yurts?". Yurts. Yurts I know about.