Monday, February 21, 2011

PR deadlift! ....and still working on those squats.

Had some major carb loading last night ---unplanned, but hey, might as well use it the next day right?  Anyway, I had a great workout this morning!

The video above is from my back squats, and dang if I'm still not going below parallel!  In subsequent sets I turned my toes out and got down lower --according to my husband who was watching me, but no video --I was too tired to balance my phone on the leg machine again. 

Here's what I did today:

Assisted Pullups (I'm getting really close on these!) 5 sets of 5
Squats: 95 lbs (down from my fantasy land 155 --it makes a difference with a fuller range of motion!) 5x5
Deadlifts (conventional and from the floor) :115 --5 reps; 135 --5; 155 --4; 160 (!!!!) --1 (with my husband behind me yelling at me to go go go!)  sooo proud of that deadlift.  Usually I can do about 140 and I whine and cry about it.
Shoulder press: 20's/5 reps; 25's 5,5,5,5.
Barbell rows: 70/5; 90/5; 90/4; 85/4; 85/3   --I'm also proud of this, because obviously it was right on with the weight.  I always tell my clients/students, if you fail you win.  I kept pushing to my limits here. 

Last week I did  3 sets of ten for my lifts, and I think changing it up a little pushed me through some barriers.  I have to state here too, that i know these aren't super heavy lifts for some girls, but the whole point of weight lifting is to get stronger, not compete with anyone else (although some girls have really inspired me to know I could do more than I ever thought I could).  I'm getting stronger and it makes me happy!