Sunday, November 13, 2016

Halloween in the 'hood.

 My friends and I put together another neighborhood Halloween party. I love this about our neighborhood. I love that the adults dress up and participate. I love that we like to hang out together. Here it looks like I hate everything, but I'm supposed to be Narnia's white witch, so "mean resting face" is part of my costume.  

Here you can see my creation a little better, although it is kind of a horrible picture. 

 We had a huge Care bear clan,

 The Wild Thornberrys

The most adorable cooking family. It took me a week and a half to figure out the hint from the mom's costume. Sigh. :)

The circus!!

 Of course lots of families did their own individual thing. This was one sad aspect of the evening for me. Due to a funeral, and a reptile show in Salt Lake (don't ask), mixed with some miscommunication between Jeff and me, my family didn't make it. I would have loved to get a group shot of us.


 Everyone brought their best soup, and we held a little competition for the best. I made a bunch of types of bread to go with everything. 

 Everyone just hung out and ate and talked. We had a costume contest too, with enough categories that we had a slew of winners. 

 It is so generous of my friend to let us use her yard for this party every year. Lots of room for kids to play. The weather held wonderfully too. We did this party about the middle of October.

 For Halloween evening, we did our annual "Street of Treats". It's like a "trunk or treat without the bother of the trunks. Adults bring lawn chairs and hand out candy. All of the neighborhood kids can make the rounds and hit everyone up in a half an hour if they're quick. Meanwhile we can all talk and mingle. 

 I never DID figure this one out on my own!

Ari wanted to be a pioneer girl this year, and Kai Deadpool. Kai never wants to be anything but a bad guy.

 I LOVED this bear!

 ...and this tiny lumberjack. Lots of creative costume ideas this evening too. I kind of wish every night was like this, with everyone talking and enjoying each other. We have such a wonderful neighborhood --so supportive. We have our problems --every family does, and sometimes there are problems between us, but it is worth smoothing things over, forgiving, not holding grudges, letting things go, so nights like this can happen to buoy us up through the hard times.