Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fluffy, Puffy, Cupcakes

Nothing super exciting today, I did get to go hike up Maple canyon with my friends this morning. I wish I had brought my camera there. Beautiful. Most of the leaves were on the ground, but were still orange and yellow. Personally, I like seeing just the shapes of the bare branches of the trees. I like all the browns and tans with the dry grasses and bushes. Suppose I've been in the lone and dreary world too long. Maybe it's because I like to dress in these colors, I like my house decorated with these colors, I like these colors. Anyway, a lady (really nice lady) asked me to make 5 dozen cupcakes for her son's missionary farewell on Sunday, so that's what I did the rest of the day. I got pictures of one of these, I forgot to get out my camera when they were all on the counter, so not too impressive pictures this time. Go back and look at those Kuidaore cookie pictures if you want impressive!

They did look kind of flowery all put together. Like white peonies. Sigh. Peonies. Spring is coming back right? In spite of my love affair with browns, spring is SPRING!


Kira said...

They look nice....could you do 2 dozen ones in a Batman theme for Weds., huh, huh,?!?

Deja said...

Love cupcakes. Love them.

There was this little bakery painted bright pink by my house in Mississippi with a sign outside saying, "Home of the giant cupcake." Well, you know I had to go.

I was giggling. Until after I ate 1/2 the giant cupcake (which was GIANT.). Then I was very very sad. Oh my tummy.

belann said...

Lovely. Especially for cupcakes that will be gone before any of their ambiance can be appreciated. I guess an artist is always an artist.