Thursday, November 6, 2008

Options for ivy

A little while ago, The Nesting Place did a post condemning the use of ivy on the cupboards. Now I knew I needed to take some action there, but didn't have the cash to buy all new stuff. The pictures above and below were my mantle and cupboards when I read the post. Pretty Ivy-y.
Then I realized I had a yard full of ornamental grasses, a dozen dried artichokes from a catering job that I couldn't bear to throw out, and some clearance Christmas garland from last year that was all red and brown. Now I'm not saying I'm some decorating genius, but hey, all of this stuff was FREE and in my house already (or at least in my "yarden" as Kai would say). Here's some after shots.

Here I still have any ivy planter in the middle, but it's painted brownish -red so it's not SOOO early 90's. Better than before at least right?

I know this mantel still needs work, any suggestions? Ones that preferably won't cost me much (or any) money? Maybe I should paint the grasses brown to match the curly willow better? What do you think?


Deja said...

Oh Ammie it is BEAUTIFUL.

(But I thought it was beauty before, too. Nester Shmester.)

I was just logging on specifically to remember how to make Pero Lattes. MMmmmmmmm.

Kelli said...

I think it all looks good, but I do have some brown spray paint out in the garage if you are serious about the grass in the last picture.
The whole thing kinda makes me sad there I have no space above my cabinets. And my mantle is completely bare right now.

belann said...

Am I allowed to say I like the before and after pictures equally well?

Kira said...

I am with Mom, although I know that is not cool to say. I do think the grass is a little too "green on the other side".