Friday, June 19, 2009

Sunny San Diego (in June even!)

We went to California for a few days for my sister's baby's blessing. Wonderful, except as usual I used vacation as an excuse to fall off the wagon. I'm a really careful eater until I'm.... not. Oh well. I'm doing a three day cleanse to try to undo the damage, and I'm almost done with day two, so I'm feeling pretty good. Sorry for all you non-diet people that have to read this, but -big part of my life this summer. Coolest thing -my Dad drove for me all the way down, and all the way back, and all over during the week. It was like being the kid again which I love. Of course I did have three kids calling me "Mom" the whole time, but hey -still good.

We had a great couple of days on the beach, which is a freakin miracle for June in San Diego. "June gloom" is the norm. All the kids, and the dads played in the water, and the moms sat on the beach and nursed babies and worried. Why do moms even go to the beach you've got to wonder sometimes. I guess if they didn't, no one would be there to do the worry job. But Hey! I snorkeled! I'm so proud of myself. When we went to Hawaii last time, I was OK scuba'ing, but snorkeling I kept having panic attacks. It comes from that time in the Caymans when Jeff and I were almost swept out to sea with this scary strong current.

Anyway, I put on the mask and spring suit, and tried to go in, but freaked out immediately. My Dad was in there messing around, and I just said to him "I'm too scared. I'm too scared." My dad, typical, was very blase. It's just a straight beach break. Don't worry. Just stay in the middle of the cove and you'll be fine. Here, I'll go out with you" OK, almost turned around a bunch of times, but didn't! OK, when a big set of waves came in, I let them bring me in, but I was really calm out there for a good ten to fifteen minutes. I saw a couple Garibaldi, but it was so murky, frankly it wasn't worth staying very long. Anyway, faced my fear, and maybe next time will do even better.

You see Lee out there? Right after I came in, he got swept over to the rocks on the side, and a lifeguard had to guide him back in. He still swam in on his own, but I'm glad that didn't happen before I went out there, or I probably wouldn't have gone in at all. Sooo freaked out about currents.

We also had a night where we met everyone at Seaport village, for dinner, and the kids rode the merry-go-round. This is such a neat carousel. When we were kids, our parents took us there all the time (cheap family outing my Dad would say). Yeah, I rode with the kids. It was nostalgia weekend.

Here's my friend Kay and his beautiful family. How did he get such a good looking wife??!! (Just kidding Kay --you're great.) Kay was my best friend in college --we'd talk to each other about people we were dating, go out together as friends, there aren't many guys that could have been that great a friend --to me and my sister both actually. Kira says he kind of saved her life that year she was up at BYU. (I was wierd those semesters).
Here's my sister and brother and their families (and Tia).
....AND --my Uncle Tom and Christopher my cousin --we were so excited to see them. You can tell who's brother Tom is can't you?
Another fantastic meeting --my cousin Dylan and his wife Margie. Poor Margie. She tried to duck, but I kind of tricked her. She's a beauty, you had to see her.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Psoriasis Awareness walk

We took the family up to Liberty park yesterday to help out at the Psoriasis Awareness walk. I've got a good friend who's little girl has severe psoriasis, and she was the grand marshal. We went up a little early to help set up, and then did the walk together.

They had face painting and some little snacks and balloons, and the kids had a pretty good time.

Except of course for Kai "funtime". He warmed up a little later. Tia was so excited about her balloon she put it in her hair. I said she looked like an upside down exclamation point.

Here's the grand Marshal and her family. They are such a beautiful family. It was heartbreaking to see them struggle with this illness. She's doing quite a bit better now with a new medication. So happy for all of them.