Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tae Bo or not Tae Bo THAT is the question.

Just finished teaching my class, with TWO people. That's so discouraging. I've got 5 or 6 people signed up, but most didn't show today. Kills me. I know I need to do more advertising, but haven't had the time lately. I've got it scheduled in this week though. This is a new time for the studio 9:15 --it's a "mommy class" --you know, get the kids off to school, and THEN it's time for yourself. The thing with Mommys is , it's hard to pin us down to a firm schedule. Everything is so chaotic with little ones. I think I teach a pretty good class, so I'm trying not to take it personally. I'm just hoping to get a few die-hard toughies like Kelli and Audrey (neither whom can take this class now for health reasons) to form a core class we can build off of energy-wise. I'm praying for it. Anyone that wants to pray for me too, I wouldn't mind. I've got to beat the yoga lady for numbers of people by the end of the year!

Monday, September 29, 2008

To Vicki Gunther

If by any chance Vicki Gunther is reading this, it occurred to me a little late to get permission to use your poem and its title. I've sent an email to Meridian magazine asking for it, but if you see this blog before I get to you, please forgive me, and to everyone ELSE reading this, the whole name and theme of my blog may be changing soon. Just like me to start a major project with a major faux pas.

We got to the library!

OK my first post isn't going to be very exciting. But that's OK right? I'm testing the waters. We finally got back to the library today and brought back all 49 books that were overdue. It's hard for me to be motivated to go very often because there are no fines, and my kids get so many books every time, it gets them through a good month or so. I'm just proud of myself that we made it there at all. The librarian guy always seems to look cranky when we come in. I wonder why? Today he did a nice little demonstration for my kids on what "not to do" with library books illustrated completely with examples of books we had just brought back. Sigh. But we FOUND all the books and brought them ALL (OK, I forgot we'd gotten a movie too last time, he had to renew it --so graciously). I miss the older lady that used to be there. She thought I was mother of the year for just getting books. I'm not this guy's favorite person.