Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Halloween party!

Long time coming, but it took a while to collect pictures together, then I had a family trip. 
Me and my friends Kelli and Audrey hosted our annual Halloween party this year. We all love Halloween, and when we first moved to this neighborhood, we would all host one on alternate years to try not to step on each other's toes. Once Kelli finished the big yard to the side of her house, she has generously let us host together there in recent years. We all try to take some of the burden so nobody is stuck with everything. We also usually make it a potluck thing, so the expense isn't too great. This time we tried something different. Instead of potluck, We decided to do a sweet and savory waffle bar with the good kind of Belgian waffles. We asked for contributions from our neighbors for ingredients and toppings, and everyone kicked in pretty well. Things got a little hectic night of, with running around refilling the table, so this may be the first and last one like this (my calves were killing me by the end running up and down stairs in those heels!), but it was a nice change.

 Epic Halloween miracle for us this year. Jeff agreed to dress up! Can you guess who he is?

 Some of the families did great themed costumes.

I honestly wish I were able to get more pictures of people.
But we were all busier than in years past.

This is one of my little nursery boys. He INSISTED on Princess Leia for his costume and he made a great one!

 The funniest couple in the ward. Love these guys.

 The table turned out pretty cool with a nice garland from Audrey for the front.
 I really wish I had a better camera. Not loving this new phone's camera.

 We had  the biggest crowd we have seen. Over 130 people.

 This year we had some killer special effects thanks to this couple below. Fog and a startling opening coffin. Watch for it in the video near the end. 
Classed up the whole event! A big thanks to them!
And thanks to everyone who came and participated! It made my Halloween.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Fall in the canyon, and at Gardner Village.

 The big news this fall is that I finally got some help with this ball and chain of a yard. We got a bid from a man with what looked like a wonderful landscaping business, but he wanted to put in a ton of grass and give us a wireless sprinkler box, and buy 10000 worth of landscape lights. Not my guy. Then we met Adan, who had his own business with a couple of family members, and he listened to me and did just what I wanted in three days. Three days!!! This pic is kind of the halfway point. It looks even better now with the bark in.
 I built that yard to be kind of  a retreat from the world, a place to enjoy nature. What I realized after 10 years, is that when I am in the yard, I just see jobs to do. When I want nature, I leave. Look at this! This is Mapleton canyon. my happy place.

 It is extra fabulous in the fall.
 I watched this little pair of chickadees or finches or whatever they are for a good 5 minutes. They were so interesting. I think they were feeding off of bugs in the bark of this tree.

 Up in the aspen meadow, about 45 minutes up from the top parking lot. Sigh. Magical.

 The second big piece of news is that we got a cat. I always befriend the cats that wander into our yard. This time it backfired. This kitty was left by her people when they moved to Idaho. With Jeff so allergic, we couldn't let her into the house at all, although she really really wanted to come in. We talked to the family, and they agreed to come back for her in a month, and did. In the meantime, I would go out on the back patio a few times a day to scratch and love on her. I miss her now she is gone I'm afraid. She was ALWAYS glad to see me.

 My sister Meesha moved to Utah and so we can go on adventures together (I am sure this is why she moved here). A few weeks ago, our trip was out to Gardner Village to see the witches. We took Ari and Brinlee because we knew they would appreciate it too.


 They had the Christmas villages up in the Christmas store there, and it got me really excited for Christmas!
 Also for our traditional new year's gala where we make gingerbread houses, and my mom's always looks the best.
 Buddy the Elf village!


Sisters are the best. Cousins are a close second.