Saturday, March 2, 2019

Why I am doing a Digital Marketing Nanodegree with Udacity

I've been a little lost lately. I'm a mom of three kids, and my youngest is now almost 15 years old. I have been volunteering in the community, and am still heavily involved in my kids' lives, but I felt like I needed something more. I've gotten my master's degree in biology, and have a small business doing personal training, and catering for weddings. I've learned to draw, and paint in watercolors. I've done a lot of racing in marathons, triathlons, and long distance biking.

I felt like I needed something more serious, and a direction that would help me find full time employment once my kids all move out.

My husband suggested Udacity last year, and I looked through all of the degrees without much interest, until I saw the Digital marketing degree. This looked like a program with a creative bent to it, which I need in my life, especially something I would be doing for hours of my day every day. But I still waited to pull the trigger on that big registration price tag.

For a couple of years my husband and my brother have been working on a side business, creating an app for budgeting on your phone.

They have finally got it fully functional and the corresponding website finished, but haven't made much headway in getting the word out to people about it. My brother has done a couple of small ads on Facebook and Instagram, but traffic hasn't picked up much on downloads. Finally I felt it was time to pull that registration  trigger.

My life was pretty full with family stuff already, but I thought for sure that I could put in an hour a day on this degree. However that has been a challenge! I have squeaked through so far, and I am hoping for the best for the rest of the few months of the course. There has been so much information in these first couple of weeks it has felt like taking a drink from a waterfall, but I am taking notes, and Pinning suggested websites as I go, so I come out of this with a nice full toolbox of things to use. I am most excited about getting users for our app and website. The successful launch of this business will mean good things for our family. Also, if I can do a successful campaign for "Talking Budget", I am hoping it will lead to great opportunities with other companies in the future. Check out our business if you get a chance!