Thursday, June 30, 2011

Acupuncture worked!

Hey just popping in to say that those acupuncture treatments took effect within a week.  I did have a little relapse after a week of girl's camp for my church (you try getting 15 teenage girls to follow a detailed schedule from 7:30-11:00 and not get stressed!), but went back for one more treatment, and got back on track. 

I know it may not make any scientific sense, but worked is worked. 

I also got my copy of NROL.  I've heard it raved about on forums and other blogs, and couldn't wait to try it.  Although it had a ton of great information, I've been through a whole cycle of the program now and just feel like I've lost strength.  I'm not saying this would happen to everyone.  I teach a weights class on Tuesday and Thursday morning that ends up being a little bit high rep, and I think low rep workouts for my personal progression just make more sense.  This cycle started out at I think 3 sets of 15, and through a few weeks went down to 8 reps.  This is still pretty high and I think by doing this three times a week and teaching another 2 times at high rep it just broke me down.  My squat, deadlift, and bench have all gone down.  I'm going back to a modified 5 by 5.  I also like the flexibility of using my own program because sometimes I'm sore from other activities (i.e. running with my daughter, pulling trees and bushes out of the yard, a hard teaching day etc.). 
Last night I knew my legs were sore, and instead of doing a crappy job on a full body NROL workout, I just did upper body and really felt like I got somewhere.  I think this is a wonderful program for someone just starting out though, and there is lots of info I'll use over and over again.

Here's hoping I can get back to posting regularly again.  Sorry for the stops and starts.