Sunday, May 15, 2016

Senior Prom and Senior ball.

 This post is so late in coming! I had to wait for the pictures to make their way to me, and frankly, I was a pure pest --to Tia, her date's mom, the date's friend and his mom who knew the photographer, and anyone else I thought I could coerce into getting me prom pictures. Unlike last year, I wasn't here when Tia left on her evening part of the date, and it killed me to not see the finished glamour.
 Tia and her date are near the same height, so she agreed to not wear heels for better pictures (heehee). She was planning to wear a floor-length dress she had, but it needed heels. Instead, she found this vintage dress of dark green velvet with a lacy cream top, and we added some cap sleeves to make it work. 
 She was a little disappointed in her hair. It was beautiful before she left --really pretty --complicated braid crown, but it didn't hold up well in the wind outside. Oh well.
 These first pictures are from the actual "promenade". The school has each couple cross the stage and pose for pictures. My school never did this sort of thing.

 Here are the prom pictures! The photographer took them in front of the Nuskin building. Pretty venue, but the wind killed the hair! 
 This one is my favorite.

 You can kind of see the crown thing here...

 Unfortunately Tia wasn't super close to any of the girls in the group, although she knew them of course, and they are all nice girls.

Within the same month is the Senior Ball. This is traditionally a stag situation, where everyone just shows up as friends and they have a good time. This time Tia wore her white dress, and I love it on her. She was also able to go with all of her tight knit group. Aren't they lovely?

The rest of these pictures I need to credit Seth Sandoval for. He is a friend of Tia's from elementary school. 

 Tia is going to miss these guys! I know things change in college, even if you are all going to the same place. At least they have some lovely memories to go on with.