Friday, November 14, 2008

Mindnumbingly boring post !

I wasn't kidding. Your fault because you kept reading after the title. Jeff and I went to see the latest James Bond movie today (because it's opening night, and just TRY to get into a movie in Provo on opening night. Then while you're at it, walk on water), which was great, even if it was at 3:30. So guess what we did for our date time? Yeah. Organized our closet.

It took us an hour, and took ME 2 hours because my stuff was a mess. But see our cute baskets? See how straight my clothes are hanging? I like to just go in there now and stare. It gives me as much pleasure as watching an action movie. I swear. OK, maybe because Casino Royale was better. But still I liked looking at the handsome Daniel Craig jumping all over buildings, and coolly killing people, and rescuing ladies that didn't deserve it, and then looking over at the seat next to me at the end of the movie and thinking, Wow. He blows away Bond --and could probably kick his butt in real life too.


Deja said...

I do that too when I get around to organizing something--sit and stare happily.

I love the Bond movies. I'll have to go see the handsome, daring fellow again. I'll just have to go by myself.

Pretty Organizer said...

JEALOUS!!! Look at how many baskets you have!!! Did you go to India and rob a shop? They even match!! I'm sure you did the only logical, practical and classy thing: Call all of your friends and ask for their JoAnn's coupons and raid all of the stores in the valley for matching baskets. It's okay, there's no shame in that:) Congrats. We have a huge closet cleanout coming... Chad's getting kicked out of his. His closet happens to share a wall with our tiny laundry room (more like a closet...) It's inevitable... Chad's going to have to share a closet and start using a dresser. "Mr. Christensen, TEAR DOWN THAT WALL!" Huge battle right now... money issue. SOOO... I'm going to start a laundry room fund:)

Kelli said...

I was wondering if you and jeff would like to spend your next date night in my closet?