Saturday, October 18, 2008

Witch Watching

What is it about witches? Tia, Ari, and Kai and I packed the car like a handcart crossing the desert with all our necessary supplies, and left yesterday morning to visit the village witches. Gardner Village seems to have more than their normal share. The kids really took a fancy to this old crone --must be all her bug pets. My kids never get to have pets.

When I heard "Thriller" start playing I dragged all three of my kids by their reluctant hands at a dead run to see where the party was. They had this witch cage dancing. "Tia, THIS song is by Michael Jackson". I was horrified to find out a couple of months ago she didn't know who MJ was!

Tia was the only one brave enough to cozy up to this witch. Ari and Kai wouldn't go near her. Might have been the enormous bosom. The little kid visiting her before us couldn't figure out what all that puffiness was and kept poking it. Good thing she didn't take offense.

The witches offered their little visitors a ride in their cart to "The Great Pumpkin" festival. Tia's not so sure, she's been told never to accept a ride from strangers. They all popped out of the cart quickly enough after Tia reminded them what happened to Edmund when he accepted turkish delight from the White Witch.

Home again, home again, safe at last.
Something fascinating about witches. There must have been 10,000 people at the village on Thursday. Many mothers. Maybe witch watching is like my hero worship of Lara Croft. She does the strong powerful things I'd like to. There's nothing more powerful (and scary) than a witch. I'd like to be scary sometimes too --especially when it's bedtime and they're asking for one more drink of water.


Kelli said...

We did the witch thing at Gardner Village on Friday. NOTE TO SELF: do not go to G.V. on a UEA holiday when the weather is perfect. Everyone in the State of Utah with kids will be there. But, we did have fun.

Deja said...

Mom and Deja are on Deja's bed, lounging with the kitties in Boston.

We say: looks like a good time. And Mom says maybe you could make some witch costumes out of garbage bags. She heard that works. Looks even better with green clay on your face.