Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Favorite Table So Far.

I was pretty skeptical of the colors for this wedding --grey and ivory and white -all neutrals. It was the same with the last wedding I did --just white. Of course Mary Craft said this was a current trend she was seeing (look! I figured out how to link!). But when I saw the finished product I LOVED it. The bride was a little tiny thing in a classic dress, and a short veil --looked almost 50's in the styling, and the silver and white and ivory matched that feeling --like an old photograph. I also decided the Springville Art museum (look at that --2 links!). Is my favorite venu. Nice kitchen, caterers' own bathroom, BIG fridge! Anyway. Other than the fact that we only got about 250 people there instead of the 500 the client was expecting (my kids were happy. Kai: "Dad! Mom brought home ALL of the bride food!"), it was a great event. I had the best team: Audrey (who knows more about catering than I do), Kelli -who can move faster on one foot than I can on two, and Lorraine --who can also think fast on her feet and create things without my holding her hand every step of the way. Loved my team. OK, enough talk: here's the pictures:

Peanut butter mousse cups, and Chocolate mousse cups. Notice the Dusty Miller (I mean the grey leaves Mom) I found to match the scheme.

Close up of cups --it's a brownie base. I also offer a chocolate cup, but it was a little pricey for my client, so I was glad Audrey had this idea..

Fruit towers. Notice the frosted grapes. People really though they were frozen -- I had three people ask me. I also didn't really have people eat them this time off the table. Huh. Should have cheaped out and used regular egg whites instead of the safe merengue powder. Whatever. Now my kids have to eat a case of grapes. Good thing they're safe I suppose.

Large view of fruit platters.

Lemon-vanilla Fresh Fruit Tartlets. I told the Museum director if it doesn't have a pretentious name it doesn't work for a catering menu item. I could have said fruit in lemon pudding mixed with cream cheese in a Keebler crust, but MAN, you don't feel so good eating it do you?

Large view tartlets.

My centerpiece. I was hoping to put white lilies in them, but Bonnie (the florist) could only order bunches of 20 that I didn't want to pay for, and then, the ones she bought wouldn't open for her anyway --she ended up paying for a bunch of buds. Being a florist is hard too. I think the Dusty Miller and grapes worked fine, Bonnie even donated my one big white Mum blossom, though you can't see it very well in this picture.

Mousse cups and chocolate-covered strawberries. We had smallish berries this time, but Audrey did a great job on them.

Full table. Notice the fountain behind it? I love this museum. I'm spending my next day off here I decided. I need to have some time to enjoy it in peace.


belann said...

Talk about works of art. It looks absolutely beautiful.


Deja said...

Oh man. We should have just had you do the food at our reception. I wanted you to be happy and peaceful, but I should have just made you suffer so could have beauty.

This looks incredible, Ammie. You get better and better.

Now go take an extra nap.

Kira said...

UUUUMMMMM it was all very good too, Kai shared the bride food. ESPECIALLY the tartlets. Keaton was thrilled to get Kiwi (his fav I am usually too cheap to buy).

Rachel said...

It looks fabulous!! Good job! How fun...I miss hanging with you gals :)

Anonymous said...

I think Erin and I both enjoyed the chocolate cup ones the best. Mmmmm....

Kelli said...

It all looked soooo good. I liked the colors even though I might not have thought it would look that good without seeing it first hand.
It was fun. My foot survived just fine, until I slipped on the wet tile floor the next day and really messed my foot up. I think chocolate will help...