Friday, October 31, 2008

Extra treats on Halloween. What the?

Ari's room mother asked me to do treats for her Halloween party today (like that class really needed extra sugar. Right.), so I used the little tart shells I didn't use for the wedding, and filled them with chocolate mousse (NOT pudding!) and put on whipped cream.

Then I drizzled some chocolate spider webs,

Voila! Spider pies! I was secretly hoping some would come back home, but no luck.


Deja said...

Very clever. And spooky.

Maybe you should have hid little plastic spiders in them. To make the spider pie more spidery.

belann said...

Kind of put the cupcake mothers to shame I would think. I'll bet Ari was thrilled.

Jacobson Five said...

Wow, only you. I have to make treats for preschool for Isaac's b-day, do you have any clever dinosaur pie ideas? JK I'm just planning on the cupcake thing.