Thursday, October 23, 2008

Face your fears.

I did it. Taught my whole class without a coughing fit. I had subs for my Tues. and Wed. classes, because I was afraid I couldn't do it without coughing. One thing I learned from Ari's Physical therapist is that exercise relaxes you. I always cough more when I'm tense. Maybe that explained why it worked today. Maybe it was just prayer. I prayed like the dickens. What's a dickens anyway? Of course I could barely drive home with the coughing fit I had in the car, but at least I wasn't humiliated in front of my class. It went really well. I even had one person sign up, and another new person come who sounds like she'll stay. She took a contract with her. I'm so glad I didn't miss out. It was a really fun class.

It reminds me of Kauai. I was Graving out in Kauai, and snorkeling I kept getting panic attacks. I really wanted to scuba dive though, and didn't want to miss out. Either with prayer, or just facing the fear head on, I had a really great dive. Want to see pictures?

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Kira said...

Remember when Kai chose to wear his jammies to church? He was afraid and it all worked out fine.