Saturday, October 4, 2008

Self Portraits

"This is me!" said Ari. We were all watching General Conference, and the kids were coloring on their chalkboards for the boredom factor (honesty. it's mostly over their heads the conference stuff). Notice the two strings of hair in the middle of her face? That's how she LIKES her hair. I think she's seen it on the Brat Girls or something.

So then Kai says "This is me. I'm a snowball!" Jeff and I start cracking up.

Then Tia needs to do one. Which looks pretty good, if a little Shaggyesque (You've watched Scooby right?), and I decide this needs to be a post. Enjoy!


Kira said...

Gotta love those Bray kids.
Kai: very clever and original....maybe a Halloween costume idea?!?!?
Ari: You are stylish, way to make even a chalk drawing trendy :)
Tia: Quite the talent, I don't think it is scrapey doo.

Deja said...

Very clever with the chalkboards! Are those the ones dad made to give to the unfortunate orphans that we never actually gave the unfortunate orphans?

I remember drawing on that printer paper with the holes on the side during General Conference. But we had to draw pictures of the speakers... When I try to remember those drawings, all I can think of is Garret's All-Star testimony picture with the canes sticking out. Remember?

Amara said...

Aaaah. The testimony All-Stars. Classic. I may have to do a post on that. Yes. Those are the same chalkboards. Sometimes my kids resemble those unfortunate orphans a little too closely.