Friday, October 3, 2008

Fall garden

I used to hate mums. I told Jeff they were just for putting on graves for memorial day. But in a fall garden it seems like you can't get a better solid dose of color than some mums. All of the red you see here came from one container of mums I bought at the mart last year on sale (around Memorial day --no kidding. these ARE good for graves even if I'm a mums convert). I split them up this spring, and they are covering big stretches of otherwise bare dirt. I love me a hard-working plant. This fall has been so nice with no hard frosts yet, so all my foliage is still intact to contrast with these big bursts of red. Yum. I feel really spoiled. The one thing I'm missing is some asters. I had some in Taylorsville and they were wonderful in the fall. I'm going to try to get some drive by pictures of some beautiful asters in the neighborhood I've seen and coveted. Stay tuned.
I also think these zebra grasses are a nice foliage choice to contrast with almost anything. Here they are next to some artemesia (the grey --I cannot figure out this moving pictures around thing). They also get BIG. The more room something takes up the better (in my yard). The bigger the desireable plants, the less room for weeds right? Here's another picture of the grasses against some purple smoke bush. Love that purple foliage against the yellow and green. Hmmm. Looks like I might need to work on my focusing. OK it's really bad. I thought this camera was automatic for that kind of thing. Must be all those confusing grass focal points.


Deja said...

I miss your pretty pretty garden.

Are you having a fall garden feast this year?

Did I tell you Sam has kept me in constant supply of flowers the entire time we've been married? (All two months of it.) Unique, pretty ones, like a few big gingers, or some deep purple ones that look like calla lilies. I think he might keep feeling like he messed up, and has to patch it with flowers. Fine by me.

Amara said...

If it's the variety I'm thinking of, those purple calla lilies are named "Naomi Campbell" after the super model. Tall, thin, and dark. I've been tempted to order them a couple of times. You're a lucky girl.

Rachel said...

Your yard is beautiful! We were up in your neck of the woods a couple weeks ago and my mouth dropped when I drove by! You are amazing my dear...sorry I didn't stop by! (Am I invited sometime? We need to get together!! We miss you guys.

Kelli said...

mums are for the dead. I go get them off my dad's grave every memorial day and plant them in the yard. So, my mums get a 2 for 1 deal!! Your yard looks great!