Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Nice day off.

I have been hiking up that trail to El Eden every day except Sundays, and usually take the kids with me. I made it up to the top the other day when the kids did lap swimming exercise the other day. I told Ari yesterday if she made it up to the top I would get her a treat. She made it! Not one lick of complaining either. This is going to be so cool to zipline through one of these days!

 We spent the rest of the day lazing around by the pool. We took a quick trip down to the beach, but the storm the night before had swelled the river running into the cove, and made the water all cloudy. So, pool day. I finished my book.

Poor Jeff was on a conference call when this sunset came through. It was actually much prettier in real life. I could not get the camera to record those colors! More pink, more purple, brighter --is there a metaphor there? Probably. :)

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belann said...

Sunset was beautiful. Glad you had such a fun day.