Monday, July 3, 2017

Back to the catering? Well, a couple of times at least.

 I was flattered to be asked to cater a couple of weddings this summer for some friends. Although the stress that got me out of catering last time is definitely still there, I also remembered how much I love love love doing this. I love pricing things out. I love shopping. I love scouting my yard and the neighborhood for the florals and greenery to pretty the table up. I love the designing, and I love the cooking. The lack of sleep while I worry about stuff is a small price to pay right? Jury still out on that.
 The first wedding in April I teamed up with my friend and former partner. I did an antipasto table with savory stuff, and she took the sweet stuff. I love how this table turned out! 

 Having the wedding photographer take professional shots of the table was a plus though too. SHe captured a lot of light here.
We were able to take coordinating flowers from the rest of the wedding, and mix them with greenery I scouted, and blooming branches I took from the side of the trail up the canyon. I liked how this arrangement came out.
 This table is what my partner did. I have to show you because although I didn't do it, it turned out lovely.

 This wa sa fun crew to work with. The mother of the bride provided our helpers, and since these ladies are moms, and service oriented anyway, they were killer workers. My favorite kind of help!
 We didn't do the cake, but a neighbor did, and it is the best wedding cake I have ever tried. If you are local, shoot me up for contact info on this lady. She doesn't disappoint.

The next wedding was a totally different kind of spread. The bride and groom wanted a waffle bar. "A waffle bar?!! Who's idea was that?? " father of the bride said when he found out. I just pointed to the couple. They wanted sweet and savory options, and a live station so the waffles were cooked fresh. We ended up doing two tables to accommodate their 250 guests, with 4 waffle irons going. Lots of fun.
We did cheese sauces and fresh herbs, not to mention the 3 kinds of syrups, nuttella and biscoff and berry toppings. This was a lot of stuff on the table!

 Once again, coordinating wedding flowers with extra local filler made for some fun huge arrangements.
 We did Liege waffles some with the Belgian pearl sugar, and some without in case you went savory. Lots of butter in that batter! Oh my heavenly crispness.

 There were three cakes, all different flavors. My poor friend probably told people the different kinds she had 150 times while serving them. We also did fun kinds of waters with grapefruit slices, cucumber slices, along with the standard lemons and limes.
 Such a fun couple! They jumped in the pool fully dressed at the end of a night of full on dancing and laughing. It was a pleasure to work for this family.


CowanTravels said...

Simply incredible! You are so talented at this stuff! I would love to attend one of your events, everything looks so yummy!

belann said...

Wow, I'm not sure where those creative, talented genes came from. All I know is it wasn't from your momma.

Meeshab said...

Love it! Yummy!