Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Making cookies and making friends.

Sunday we still didn’t have internet. This was getting scary. I didn’t want Tia to wake up Monday morning and see no letters from us! We always write Sunday afternoon to her. Our phones kind of worked in the house with the phone network to send stuff, although it was slow, so we took turns writing letters to Tia on Jeff’s and my phones.
It is crazy the difference no internet makes in how cut off you feel. Kai is saying now he won’t live any place Amazon doesn’t deliver. Heh. I am not that limited maybe, but I realized I seriously rely on that wifi! What a weenie I am. Oh well.
I talked to one lady in church who lives in Mismaloya, and suggested to her that maybe we get together for dinner sometime this week, but then I lost her after church when I got talking to another tourist family here for the week. However I got the full name of the lady I told you about before, that I thought would be a good friend, so we could connect on Facebook.
Yesterday evening, I went to the roof with Jeff just to try to catch a breeze, and all of these Facebook messages came pinging through my phone. My phone service worked much better on the roof! So I connected with my new friend, and invited her family over for dinner tonight. I hope I don’t burn everything. This stove has burners that don’t turn down to low –just medium. It is tricky. Not to mention the oven! Here is a good oven story.
Ari decided last week that she really wanted to make some cookies. I told her that she could last night –we had gotten ingredients for her on Saturday. However, Jeff really wanted her to use applesauce instead of butter in them. We shouldn’t have listened to him, but whatever. I also had forgotten to get baking soda at the store. I went around to a bunch of the neighbors trying to borrow a half teaspoon (I told Ari to do a super small batch the first time) of baking soda, but nobody had any. I think baking isn’t super popular around her in the summer. Duh. We about died of the heat in our place by the time this was done. I had some nice conversations with our neighbors though.
We went to preheat the oven, and there are no temperatures written on the dial! I guessed at a #3 out of the 1-5 settings. So: applesauce instead of butter, no baking soda, and no idea of the temperature of the oven.

Yeah, that didn’t work out too hot. My friend is going to bring dessert tonight.


belann said...

Sounds like fun. Adventures in cooking making.

Meeshab said...

We made cookies too! But with your fabulous kitchen! No applesauce though lol.