Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Mexican Dinner party

My sweet new friends. Yay! This is one of the things I was really hoping for in coming here. I really wanted to get to know the people, was so worried we wouldn't be accepted, but we had a really lovely evening. Jeff had to go into town to work yesterday since we still didn't have internet, so I spent most of the day trying to put a dinner together and cleaning up. I tried to cook everything ahead to help with the heat factor, and the last couple of hours before they came, we shut the house off to the outside air and put both bedroom air conditioners on full blast with our oscillating fan pushing the air into the living room and dining room. It was just bearable by the time they came. Remember we only have air conditioning in the bedrooms. It truly felt like a Bikram yoga room (complete with people steam) outside last night.
I made some pasta thing and some vegetables, and my friend brought a big variety of Mexican pastries from the bakery. Although we had done our best when we visited the bakery before, these were mostly ones we had never tried before! I told you the selection there is amazing.
My choice --filled with cream.

They had two well behaved little kids, and I had prepped my kids ahead of time to pick three questions each to ask our guests. This kept Ari and Kai and these little ones involved in the conversation. Jeff and I and sometimes the other mom and dad would translate questions and answers. They had a bit of English and were pretty good! Better than my Italian by far haha.

These guys turned out to have a lot in common despite the difference in age.
Ari once again had no trouble socializing. She is amazing. 

It will be a great memory for all of us. 


belann said...

So glad you made this happen. It will certainly be a treasured memory.

Meeshab said...

How fun!