Sunday, August 6, 2017

Chill Tuesday --catching up!

With spotty internet the last week in Mexico, I didn't get the last few posts up on the blog. I am going to go ahead and post them all now, but feel free to pick and choose what you read! This last week was a solid activity time for me with three out of town sisters all here to play, so this is my first chance. Whew!

We had a nice chill day on Tuesday. I cajoled the kids down to the beach, but the water was kind of cloudy for snorkeling near the shore. I wanted to go out to our spot by iguana point, but the kids weren’t into it, so Kai and I mostly floated around in the cove talking, and Ari read a book on shore most of the time.I was surprised by this guy a few times. He has no fear of people, and will eat from your hand if you let him. I must have seen half a dozen people take his picture over the course of the afternoon. We see him every day we go down to the cove.
 Kai and I were finally getting done, having applied sunscreen a few times by then, when Ari decided to get in. She swam around and played for an hour or so. I was glad she got in!

Kai tried making some drip castles for a while, and we headed home.

I hadn’t made it on my hike that morning, having slept in after waking in the middle of the night for a few hours (I don’t know what THAT was about), so I headed up in the evening. That place was transformed! Both of the little restaurants on the river were filled with people eating, and kids playing in the water pools and cataracts. The restaurants and people just at the river were playing classic Mexican Campesino music. It made me think of the old fashioned movies made in the U.S. portraying Mexican fiestas. I imagined I was hiking through a huge party, and it put a smile on my face.

 I was tempted to stop, but I was a good girl and finished my hike.

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