Sunday, October 11, 2015

Two dates: Young living and Old Town San Diego

 It was my turn to pick the date, and I chose the Young Living Harvest festival rodeo. It has been forever since we went to a rodeo. I think the last time was with our friends from  Guadalajara when Tia was a baby. 

 We started in the draft horse barn. I took some pictures, but there is no way to get an accurate representation of how massive and gorgeous these guys were. 

 We got some food, and headed over to the bleachers to watch the bull riding. Some of these bulls looked pretty scary! I have mixed feelings about bull riding. In some ways it feels like gladiators in Roman times. These guys take risks that noone should have to take for entertainment's sake. 
 I know there are the clowns and cowboys with their ropes to distract and pull the bull away, 
 but the very first rider looked like he was trampled to death. I was gasping and screaming, and Jeff was trying to calm me down. The rider walked away. It was amazing. I turned to the experienced looking group sitting behind us. "Did any of you guys think that that guy should be dead?"  "yep. surprised he got up" was the laconic answer.
 Here he is.
 There was a little cowboy...boy dancing for our entertainment right in the way for us to not see. He would kick in just as the bull rider got on. He was cute in the beginning, but finally we moved. I ended up wanting to beat him.

It got cold, and we are cold wimps, so we went home early.

It was also my year to plan our anniversary trip.

 I kept dreaming of all of the places in San Diego I loved growing up, and finally booked us a weekend right on Mission bay. I had four places I really wanted to go: Snorkeling in La Jolla, Old Town San Diego for dinner, Sea world, and the zoo. We did all four!

 Our first night we went to dinner in Old town in the courtyard at Casa de Reyes. This is what I dreamed of. I wanted the Disney version of Mexico. All color, blue ceramics, great food, and Mariachi music. 

 We started with a green Posole which was spectacular, then I got the swordfish fajitas, which was good, except the fish wasn't super fresh --I was disappointed, but the rest of the dish was plenty to finish! Jeff got citrus topped salmon which was yummy.

 The nice thing is that we have had great conversation lately. He's got some interesting things to solve at work, we're working together on some budget stuff, and things with the kids, and both have church service stuff things that are interesting things to talk about. I feel like we are great friends along with being spouses. Spouses? Whatever. 

 It was a lovely evening. Two lovely evenings actually.

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CowanTravels said...

I would give anything for the Mexican food right now! It's nice that you got away together.