Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Last morning

Once, when Jeff was on a business trip, he missed his flight to come home. Ever since then he's been skittish about getting to the airport on time. Our flight to go home left at 3:20, but when we slept in until after 9:00, he had it in his mind to just pack up and go wait in the airport until the flight left. OBVIOUSLY  I couldn't allow this to happen, and insisted we would be fine if we toured Old San Juan for a little while before we had to leave. He reluctantly agreed. He would live to regret this decision, and almost regret marrying me period by the time the day was over.

But! I was really hoping to tour the legislative building and a couple of the cathedrals. Once we got there though, we needed (needed?)  to find Ben and Jerry's and get an ice cream cone first. p.s. --I want my future balcony to look just like this one above!

We got our ice creams, and headed for one of the plazas. This is the church where Jennifer Lopez got married to Marc Anthony I was told. 

This is a second cathedral almost just across the street. This one we went inside of first.

Aren't those arches gorgeous?

This is the Virgin's chapel --I don't understand Catholicism very well, but usually there are four sections, the building is built in the shape of a cross, and each corner has its own saint etc. to worship. This was a lovely painting of the Virgin and child, but it was lit up so bright in such a dark room that I couldn't get a good exposure on it. 
I wandered around a bit taking pictures until Jeff was pretty jumpy, so we hurried back quickly to our car.  I did get one blue cobblestone shot. I love how they glazed some of the streets with color!
We had to pick up the new bride to take us with the car to the airport (since it was Jeff's brother's car we were driving around all week and he was at school). There was stop and go traffic the whole way to their house, and the gps dropped the address, and she accidentally had her phone on silent, and all in all, by the time we were just a block from the house Jeff was yelling at people in traffic in front of us --which he NEVER does. He was wound as tight as a coil of wire. We got to the airport with 40 minutes before our flight left the ground, and frantically pushed our way through security, the USDA bag check, etc. -- I was very impolite (actually, that was kind of awesome -- I hate waiting for people messing around and not focused on what they are doing, and this time I just stepped around them all)! Jeff usually holds me back --sometimes literally grabs my arm --to let people go in front of us, and this time he just followed me. My pushiness skill set was finally of valuable use!

We made the flight home just fine. It was delayed.


Meeshab said...

I am lol for realz! This is so Scott and i! I do not EVER waste time being early. Gotta see it all!

Meeshab said...

I am lol for realz! This is so Scott and i! I do not EVER waste time being early. Gotta see it all!

CowanTravels said...

Wow! Such a dramatic finish. Lol! Looks like such a lovely trip, it was great that you got to spend so much time there.