Sunday, October 11, 2015

55, 65, and 100 miles.

 I had a few goals this summer. I wanted to do an Olympic distance triathlon again (so I'd know I could still do it). I got that done at the end of August. Brenda, my workout buddy wanted to do a couple of half marathons, so we did the Drop 13 half in June, and the Hobble Creek half in August. My last goal was to do a century bike ride, and I loved the Wonder Woman ride so much when I did it two years ago, I talked Brenda into doing it again with me this year. 
 First we had to get ready. We'd both become pretty comfortable with 20-25 mile rides up Hobble Creek canyon (I love that canyon so much! So beautiful  --especially in the fall). We needed to extend out endurance, so we scheduled a few Fridays to make some long trips around Utah lake. 
 This is its own kind of beautiful. Wide open fields, blue water, farms and orchards. We even saw an emu farm? First time for that.
 It was nice to take our practice rides around here, because we knew this was going to be our route for the race/ride, but in the opposite direction.
 Our first ride was pretty windy, which made it a little harder, and the second one we ran into clouds of bugs. I came home and washed dozens of little bug bodies off of myself and helmet and clothes. blech. But, still beautiful. I had some good books to listen to, and my friend there with me. Perfect.

 We thought about doing a 75 mile or 80 mile ride too, but let it slide. Race day came up pretty quick after I finished that triathlon goal -- I didn't have too many weeks for us to prepare.

 We did it anyway! p.s. -- bike shorts and bike shoes together:could there be anything more unflattering??!!

 It was cold in the beginning, and for the first 50 miles I didn't really warm up. The last half was perfect weather. I didn't get any pictures on our actual course, but our practice ride pictures were from the same area. It's gorgeous country you go through. At least I got these shots from the start.
 Long, but a great day. I highly recommend it!


belann said...

So glad you were able to do this. Nice post.

Meeshab said...

Who cares about your shorts and bike shoes! You did a wonder woman ride! And you look awesome!

Meeshab said...

Who cares about your shorts and bike shoes! You did a wonder woman ride! And you look awesome!

CowanTravels said...

Reading your blog always makes me miss home. Such beautiful country.And congrats on your race- all of them!