Sunday, October 11, 2015

Rainy day at the state fair.

Ever since I started reading Posie gets Cozy , I've wanted to go to our state fair. She gets such lovely pictures, and it looks so "nostalgic Americana" and all. I didn't make it last year, but this year I took the kids for Labor Day. 

It was raining, so all of the rides and food stalls were closed. I was disappointed, but at least they let us in for free! We still got to see all of the fair contest entries, and all of the animals.First on my list for animals were the butter cows. 

Do they only do this in Utah? Every year they make a sculpture out of butter, and display it in a glassed in, refrigerated room. This year it was a cow rock band. Love it.

All kids of arts and crafts entries. Some were pretty amateurish, and some impressive. I loved this costume jewelry Christmas tree. My great grandma had one of these when I was a kid (did she make it herself?), and I'm Jonesing to make my own one of these days. 

These were on the impressive side! Carved Ostrich egg shells.

So was this nest of baby dragons. Now Kai wants to take a welding class. I told him to check the community class schedule (think they'd admit an 11 year old?).

We saw some bunnies,

Our favorite was this hyper dwarf bunny. I could not get a second for a clear picture --he kept moving! I think it was a Brittania petite?

There was a mama pig with a bunch of pink babies. I'm no strict vegetarian, but every time I see pigs I think I will never eat pork again. So intelligent looking --and the skin --it looks so much like a human arm. Almost creepy. Of course when I'm face to face with bacon on a breakfast buffet it's a different story. Sigh. Sometimes I suck.

Loved the goats. There was a huge white variety that I fell in love with, but couldn't get a good picture of. I decided that when I build my hut in the Italian alps, that will be the kind of goat I get. Saanens they are called.
The kids and I felt bad for this breed, who had the ears bred off of them. What's up with that? Who decides that goats don't need ears?

We moved to the sheep barn where we met this little cowboy. 
"You can pet him if you want". 

The judging was pretty intense! Apparently goats and sheep have very specific characteristics that tell you if they will be good milkers, or good breeders, etc.I kept hearing the word "dairiness" with the goats. No idea.

There was kind of a petting zoo barn where we finger petted baby chicks, and watched baby cows get fed. We also met a volunteer farmer lady who was super friendly and chatty. I think she wasn't getting a ton of visitors that day!

These kids were great sports. I had a great time. I still haven't decided to be a farmer yet, things like free time and late mornings are still too hard to give up. But I love visiting and pretending.

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belann said...

I think you saw the best part of the fair anyway. Love the animals.