Saturday, July 12, 2014

Visitor night at the Brays

 On Sunday we met another family from Idaho doing what we are doing down here: staying a bit longer while Dad works to get a good in depth feeling for the culture and people --giving their children new experiences. They are the Smiths, so I don't feel like giving their name sacrifices their anonymity! Anyway they emailed yesterday saying they wanted to come and check out our beach. We had given them the bus schedule earlier, but didn't specify where to get off, so I hurried up the road to intercept the bus from letting them off early.  On my walk I saw a turkey vulture up close and personal.
I also watched a father and son ride off on a pair of horses while I waited for the bus. Time moves so slowly here. I didn't mind waiting for the bus, just sitting roadside. My skin would crawl trying to sit still that long back home. Here, I can lay down and read half a book in a day. They finally made it, and looked so hot and tired, it was nice to have an ocean to offer them.
Kai had a ball playing with a flock of kids all around his age.
 Jeff and the parents went surfing, and Lisa (still pretty anonymous eh?) had a great few waves for her first time. Her husband grew up surfing.

Jeff has gotten pretty great just teaching himself these last couple of weeks.
 They pushed their cab home back a couple of hours to eat dinner with us. Tia had made a bunch of tortillas earlier in the day, both de masa, and flour. She whipped up a few more.
 I made a huge batch of beans a week or so ago, and froze them in batches. I pulled some out, and boiled them again in a little chicken broth, then added some EVOO, and mashed them up into "refried" beans. We made a big bowl of pico with tomatoes, peppers, onions, avocado, pineapple, and a bit of leftover dragonfruit. We offered Granadilla, related to passion fruit, but the size of a papaya, and pineapple, and cantaloupe on the side. We happened to have a carrot bread left from our cool bakery, and offered that as dessert.

It was awesome eating poolside with the sun going down next to us over the ocean.

 The complex is kind of full this weekend, and some guests made a huge bonfire on the beach and had a party.
I told Jeff that somebody needs to think of the opposite of a bonfire for parties down here. Why in the heck would you want to create MORE heat? Maybe they should have stacked up blocks of ice in a pyre and set a fan blowing on it. Somebody could shine a light on it for pretty.


belann said...

Ahhhh. This post made me feel comfortable again. Sounds like it was nice to have visitors.

Meeshab said...

you are hilarious! Ice! Yes! Haha. Sounds like a fabulous day/night

Terry Earley said...

What a nice experience to make new friends in such a beautiful place.

CowanTravels said...

This looks great. What fun memories!

Deja said...

I am so into that meal. Yum. And gorgeous too.