Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The one where we are chased off a beach by a mall cop and I'm too discouraged to take pictures and Tia tries to help.

 We wanted to look at the Playa Redondo --the one last beach between us and La Flor. We brought our snorkeling stuff because our beach is really wavy right now, and Brasilito was so cool for snorkeling. We had high hopes. We took the road to the turn-off, then followed a cobblestone path up and over the hill, and ended up back on our beach: Playa Coco. We went back up the hill and turned left this time at the top, and came back down into Redondo, and it ended up being wavier than our beach. We crossed over the rocks into Brasilito, and it was wavy too. Me and the kids were pretty disappointed because we'd left the boards at home (would not have been fun walking with them for an hour and a half!), so we played a little while and decided to walk home.
 We walked into the subdivision area, and Tia and Kai turn aside to use some house's outdoor shower. Just then, a security guy with a high powered rifle stops Ari and I and asks us what we are doing --tells us it's "prohibida" to be in the subdivision area and escorts us out to a marshy place and tells us it will hook into the road. He was basically a mall cop, but here they give their mall cops guns so people will take them seriously. It made me sad. I need everyone to like me and approve of me. I hate incidents like this. He was totally nice, and was smiling and stuff. I just was sad.
OK, so Tia knew I was sad, and tried to take pictures of things for me to blog about. The top one is a bunch of papayas. When Meesha and I went to Hawaii, we discovered papaya with lime juice, and now I can't get enough. We have a fruit guy that drives by every day with his loudspeaker going (so we know to run out), and we stock up. I always want papayas and also guavas (which nobody ever has --I think people keep them if they have them. We've found them for sale only once).
The second picture --the tides have been super high, and super low lately. Yesterday morning Tia went out and found this collection of sand dollars at low tide. They are as big as my hand.
 This lovely moss grows on all of the walkways around here. I love that about Oregon and Washington--the moss is beautiful to me. Maybe because I've always lived in deserts.
 Sandy waves. NOT good for snorkeling.
 Walking across the rocks between Redondo and Brasilito, we saw these oyster shells up above the high tide mark. We weren't sure if the rocks used to be in a different place, or the water used to come higher. Must be the rocks that moved right?
 You thought the Cicada picture was gross? Kai found the exoskeleton of a Cicada in our front yard. This is like its shell that it sheds to grow its body larger.
 We ran out of spray sunscreen because the kids all put theirs in carry-ons. They were confiscated at the airport. I actually, literally jumped up and down I was so mad. Hopping mad. Not at the TSA people, just the situation. Anyway we had to go back to lotion. It's rotten. We've been spoiled by the convenience of the spray!
The kids have collected so many shells, this is the go back pile. They sorted through their stuff and decided to take these back for somebody else to find!


Terry Earley said...

More adventures. I love how I am feeling your more laid back self coming out more each day.

belann said...

Great adventure. Too bad no snorkeling, But certainly memorable.

Meeshab said...

Sounds fun! Yummy papaya! I loooove it! But I love guava more too. Sounds like a safer neighborhood, maybe if you buy there......
I so wanna b there, next year we are coming for sure!

Meeshab said...

I think my comment didn't post! Ugh! Looove papaya and guava! Funny, coming back from Puerto V, I smartly put the vanilla (huge bottle) in my carryon to "protect" it. Dumb! On a side note, I hate how fast the sprays run out so I buy lotion haha

Deja said...

Sweet of Tia to take pictures for you. And I would feel sad after that dumb mall cop too. You gotta come visit us in Alabama. It rains all the time! Our trees are gorgeously mossy. And I still wish we had a fruit man come by every morning. Sign me up for that, k?