Thursday, July 17, 2014

Running up the paver trail.

 Getting no exercise that  really makes my heart work has been awful for me. I need that burst of endorphins in my system. It's so hot and humid, even first thing in the morning, that after trying it once, I didn't want to do it twice. Yesterday though, I knew it was time. When the kids and I went looking for Playa Redondo the day before, we'd taken a little paver/cobblestone road that went up down and around the hills. I was thinking if I took that, it would be shady, and give me some killer hills in case I didn't last very long time-wise in the heat. By the way, makeup is for Sunday only around here!

From the end of our beach, we can go up these little stairs and hook into the trail. I started in and promised myself that as soon as I was done I would take my shoes off and plunge into the ocean to get my core temperature back down. It kept me going. I'll confess, I went back and took these pictures afterwards so you could see what it looked like.

 There are these beautiful seed pods on the way. I don't know what kind of tree they're from (of course), but I love them. There are a ton of Plumeria trees growing on the cliffs too -I recognize those flowers!

 As I went up to take pictures, Jeff was coming down. He "took my idea and ran with it".
 Another lovely seed pod.
 This is what the trail looks like. When you come by bus from San Juan Del Sur, the first third of the way is paved like this. Our original driver told us it was all laid by hand. This must have been the same project, it just wasn't complete between the two pieces. There were cement drains laid through it, and written on them was a date from 2005. I'm thinking some developer from the US or Australia had big ideas for this place, and then the crash came and nothing got completed. We sure love our little resort though, so I'm glad whoever it was got a start.
 There are these vines hanging from all of the trees. Jeff swung on a thick one to teach the kids about Tarzan the other day. When you pull a little one down, it really feels like an elastic band. It's pretty cool.
 Lots of cactus growing among the trees too. Our driver told us this Pacific side of the country did see a little less rain, so I suppose that's how the cactus doesn't drown.
 This tree trunk is covered with mean looking thorns. In Uruguay, there was a tree like this, and they called it "Palo de Borracho": Drunkard's stick. I'd hate to be knocked around with this guy!
 The road weaves it's way around and up the main hill until you get to a little house --Jeff said he thought it was a water tank. I didn't get too close after being chased off some private property the day before.
 View of our resort and the ocean through the trees.
My reward when I got down. I went right out into the waves in my clothes and it felt fabulous. Going running again today!


Meeshab said...

Lovely! And lovely seed pods. Highlight of my day

belann said...

How fun. Glad you took me running with you.

Terry Earley said...

I could really feel your experience, especially the dip in the ocean when you came back hot and sweaty.

Thanks again for sharing