Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ziplining canopy tour

We've been trying to gear the kids up for a zipline tour since we decided to come to Nicaragua. ALL THREE said they didn't want to do it. Tia says she's scared of heights, and Ari and Kai were just scared. When we finally made arrangements to do some sightseeing, they surprisingly sounded game. We booked it. We went to the Mombacho volcano area a little ways outside of Granada. This is not technically an active volcano, but it does have some vents and things (show you later). The volcanic ash has made the area extremely lush and fertile, and big sections are under-planted with coffee. I like this idea (even though we don't drink coffee), because it leaves the beautiful trees intact.
The kids were a little nervous getting their gear and helmets on, but the guys there were very smooth and professional and inspired confidence.

At one point there were three guys helping Tia, which was good because I kept worrying she'd back out. I liked having them move her along.

Ready to go!

There were some specific instructions about hand placement, and although they demoed everything for us, Ari is left hand dominant and I worried she wouldn't get everything, so one of the workers went with her the first time.

Kai was just plain nervous, so he got a tandem the first time too. These trees were gorgeous. Mango trees, the enormous, spreading umbrella of the Guanacaste --which is the national tree of Costa Rica, and some spectacular Ficus. Underneath we saw regular understory plants of the jungle, and some  rows of coffee bushes.

After we traveled the first couple of lines, they let us get creative. However they were specific on what we could do on which line, since they knew which ones we had to use our hands to break, which were long enough to fly like superman, etc.

Kai got brave after a while and finally went alone. I was so proud of him.

Ari even went upside down (they kept telling her to hold her arms out, but she didn't want to lose her glasses!).
Tia was nervous like she told us, but was a trooper and went on all of the lines without complaint.
Jeff, of course, had a ball. The man has no fear, and does everything perfectly the first time. I wasn't afraid, heights hardly ever bother me, but I know I couldn't have enjoyed it as much as he did.
We had a fun time going together! There were about a dozen lines, and the last one was my favorite. It was super long, and a guy bounced the line up and down while we slid so you got bucked and thrown around a little. My stomach did pleasant flips and drops like in an elevator.


belann said...

How exciting! Glad you got the kids to go. They will never forget it.

Meeshab said...

Yay! Im way more into adrenaline type things the older I get. Loved ziplining!

Terry Earley said...

You are a worried mom!

What fun that must have been.

Deja said...

This looks like a blast. And I'm just thinking how neat it is that your kids do all this cool, active stuff because that's just what you guys do. What a great family culture to foster.