Thursday, July 3, 2014

Getting settled.

 I thought I'd give you a tour of the place today.

 We ate dinner out here on the front porch last night. There's a little kitty there asleep, she hangs out there most days, and when she saw us eating at her table she was a little miffed and walked by kind of huffy.
 THe kitchen is amazing. Marble and hardwood, I have to train the kids about leaving wet stuff on the wooden counters. Who has wooden counters? Butcher block I can see, but this ain't butcher block. But it's lovely.
 Living/family room.
 Second floor landing over the dining room.
 Bathroom --notice the hardwood counter again. All of the interior and exterior doors, casings, furniture, everything is made of this wood.
 Tile floors with this pretty river rock border.
 Looking down on the dining room.

 Stairway to the third floor roof balcony.
 Here's the roof --we're hoping to sleep out here one of these nights.
 Hardwood stairway.
 Bedroom with messy sheets.
 I love the exterior plantings here too.

Banana tree.
I don't know what this flower is -related to bird of paradise looks like from the leaves.
 We got out to the water as soon as we could.

 Soon after this the surfboard broke a fin, so we were stuck with the boogieboard.
 I thought this crab was so cool. It's so well camouflaged that it looked see through to me.

 Tidepool and sunshine.

We are already running out of food (I'm used to having food storage downstairs!), so we took a walk up to the little store.
 It was sure cute, but closed. Wah. We had rice pudding with carrots, and fried plantains, grilled pineapple for dinner. Weird, but good.

This morning, Kai and I were the only ones awake, when I heard a sound I hadn't heard since Costa Rica in college. " I think those are monkeys" I told Kai. We ran outside, and the gardener directed our gaze up to the right tree.

 So cool. The gardener told us they come for the water. He said they usually don't see people, and they were curious. They moved tree to tree until they were right over our heads shouting at us. Which is when I decided it was time to go in and wake up Jeff and the girls to show them. I may or may not have been a little chicken...


belann said...

The condo looks really nice. Hopefully, the little store have the food you need when it is open.

Annie B said...

So cool. Love it! Keep posting :-)

Meeshab said...

I want a close up of everything! So so awesome

Deja said...

What a gorgeous place. I love it!