Sunday, July 6, 2014

Those poor horses!

 Another morning in the pool and at the shore, but then the horse guy came down with his noble steeds. We went for it, but not for very long. They seemed kind of...puny.
 This grey horse was pretty, and I loved the leather saddles and tack. Beautiful.

Kai's horse acted up a little. He found a place under a tree where it was shady and could eat some leaves, and refused to move. Jeff had to lead him along behind his to get him to move. Seriously, these horses seemed a little neglected. I felt like I was guilty of cruelty to animals riding them in the heat. Who knows when they last had water, and they could all have used more food. Not my best experience. The beach was pretty from horseback if I could forget the animal long enough.

 We got back inside, and almost immediately heard the fruit guy's truck. I sent Tia out there with some money and bags, and she found dragon fruit! I was so surprised that the peel comes off like a banana. Yummy, but really mild in flavor. I umm, liked the gelato better.

 They were beautiful though. Here they are called pitahaya.
 These? Still don't know.
 Beautiful sunset on our walk.

I wanted to show you this too. You may think this is just a shell on the sand, but do you see the little tracks behind it? This is a hermit crab. Every morning the whole beach is covered in these tracks crisscrossing each other. 


Meeshab said...

So cool, I was trying to think of the other name for Dragon fruit when I then read it, pitaya. There is a bunch of hype here at the Grocery stores here about it. All of its amazing properties. I thought they were the same!

Meeshab said...

They almost look like some kind of a fig? The little green fruits? Im gonna figure it out

Sheri said...

Those little fruits are called mamon...with the little accent mark :). They are also called Spanish limes. We loved them!

belann said...

The beach on horseback sounds lovely. Even if the horses maybe didn't think so.

Launie said...

Amara- this is so amazing! Keep up the writing. I probably will never get to any tropical places so I am visiting thru you. What an amazing experience for the kids. No problem there when they have to write the "What I did over the summer" essay in school!