Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hanging out with Jeff Day.

Being the Fourth of July, Jeff had the day off. We celebrated by doing...basically nothing, which is what I hoped for after the wearing day before. We started by switching out our water bottle.

 Along the walk I took pictures of real estate signs so we remember who to call if we decide to make our stay...more permanent.

You don't know how nerve-wracking it can be not to have drinkable water, or even to have it getting low. Our First world problems seem especially dumb next to that.
 A big section of the day I spent reading by the pool with Ari.

 View from under my dollar store sun hat.
 Kai and Jeff and Tia stayed in the ocean longer,
 Jeff tried to swim laps beyond the breakers, uum, but it was too scary. Thank heavens. I was planning out how I would have to get the kids back to the states alone, and then do my mourning there. It freaked me out him doing that to say the least.
I boarded and worked on trying to stand up on the surfboard for a while, but I'm getting board rash. Now I know why surfers in the 80's used to wear board shorts. It just made sense.
 I can't get over the pretty of the trees and plants.

Sorry --I will try not to take anymore plant shots.
 We chased down the fruit guy successfully today, and got some good stuff. We are trying to try every fruit and vegetable we don't know. That little cluster of green things by the pineapple? Still don't know what they are, but they are good, kind of like rambutans, but with a green skin.
We cooked up everything for dinner we could: yucca root mashed with carrots, green plantains (taste a lot like potatoes!), lettuce with lime and EVOO, Onions, ripe plantains (like dessert, we are eating them at every meal), and eggs --random I know, but we needed some protein! We are hoping to go out fishing soon. The eggs here are amazing. Dark orange yolks, a lot of them fertilized.
The kids talked us into a little TV in the evening. We found The Incredibles on --actually "Los Increibles", and had a great time translating as we went along --we knew so many of the lines by heart it was funny to hear them in Spanish. 


Meeshab said...

Nice! Yummy food! I think I would like to go there, with you guys though

Angie said...

I am loving reading your blog posts, keep taking pics of the plants I love it!!! 'm going to have an adventure like this:)

belann said...

Loved the pictures of the plants and all of the fruit. Sounds like a real paradise.

Deja said...

Dang, that spread of fruit is awesome. I want a "fruit guy." And to read by the pool with Ari. That sounds so lovely.