Friday, July 25, 2014

Doing all of the last things --Goodbye Nica!

This has been unlike any vacation I've ever been on. It's been more like learning a new way of life than anything else, which is what we were hoping to accomplish. Although I wish Jeff had gotten more beach time, working is what he has to do so maybe the authenticity is part of the memory for us. 

 Roundup of last minute creatures:
These were the same moths that Meesha and I saw in Cabo. Funny story about how bad my remembered Spanish  is took place because of these moths. They are the size of my hand.

 This coconut crab and frog were spotted while Kai and I went out at night to try to see a turtle. He never got to see the nesting one if you remember.
 Rambutans finally found at the market. We ate them right up!
 We're letting Kai listen to audiobooks --we've run out of print books for him.
Kai also found a washed up coconut he was very proud of. I'm hoping we can leave it behind (sshh!).
 Last night we took our last trip into town to climb up to the "Christo en ti Confio" statue that stands above San Juan del Sur beach. Did you know there were many of these statues all over central and South America? I thought Rio's was the only one.

 Amazing views from the top.


 Underneath there is a little information center/chapel, with lit candles and stories of the miracles the statue was said to have produced.
Afterwards we got tacos and ate them out on the beach, watching the sun set.
We're going to miss it here.


belann said...

We will miss your posts too. It has been wonderful to visit vicariously. But, it will sure be nice to have you home.

Terry Earley said...

How wonderful.

If you were to choose between a coconut and a machete to bring home, maybe the coconut should win.

Sheri said...

I have loved following your time in Nicaragua. We walked in many of the same paths and it brought back such great memories. I will miss your blog posts too!

Meeshab said...

Man! I will miss the reading. Will they let kai carry it on?

CowanTravels said...

All of these posts were so fun to read! What an amazing family adventure. Something you will all always remember.

Deja said...

I'm so glad you did this. And that you wrote about all of it. You wrote so well. And I love the pictures. I hope you'll keep writing about your life at home.