Saturday, December 6, 2008

Wildcrafting (weed stealing)

I read once in a book about "wildcrafting" where you search in nature for items to sell, or use in crafting, art, etc. It sounds like such a hip, eco-friendly, exclusive type of term. I do it all the time, but it's not exactly glamorous.

Today I finally had my clippers in my car to cut the weeds I've been eyeing for a year growing by the side of a road next to a pawn shop. My friend even saw me (still sweaty, and wiping my nose from the cold) cutting the weeds. I waved though, and didn't even try to hide behind the cement safety barrier. What the heck I guess.

Last year, on the way to Ari's school, I saw a landscape guy pruning an apple tree. I stopped and asked if I could have the branches. He said OK, but gave me more than one curious glance as I gathered his trash and put it in my car.

In Taylorsville, our house was right next to the Jordan River walking/running trail. I had a heyday there. I once saw a big section of curly willow that had broken off a tree (I SWEAR it was broken first), and I carried it home 2 miles, pregnant. I still have those branches, they came with me on my move.

I also saw teasel growing along that trail. OK, it wasn't RIGHT on the trail, I had to wade a little into marshland, but worth it. I spray painted them a darker brown, but love them now. They came with me on my move too. Jeff wants to watch our movie now, but I'll post this, and maybe take pictures tomorrow. Night night.


Deja said...

You are a genius weedstealer, wildcrafter. I've seen you in action. True vision is what you have.

belann said...

Yea, guess you gotta have a vision of what the weeds can do befoe you try taking them home.