Sunday, December 7, 2008

Wildcrafting part deux

Here's the teasel with some of the curly willow. If you don't know what these pictures are, scroll down to yesterday's post.

Here's the weeds I collected yesterday. Aren't they a beautiful shade of brown? Almost coppery. They look like buckwheat to me, and I'm wondering if they are wild buckwheat. No, I just checked, and wild buckwheat is a vine. Oh well. I love this weed. It's going up in all my cupboard baskets.
Here are all the pruned branches. They aren't that dusty, they've got a thin coating of fur from being cut in the spring. Think pussy willow type fur.

Here's the rest of the curly willow. I think it's fantastic. I would grow a whole group of these trees in my yard if Jeff would let me. He hates how the willow drops branches etc. My point of course being that it would never have time to grow very many branches with me cutting them all the time. OK, that's the tour. I'm thinking about doing some leaf frames again in the spring, if I do I'll show all you guys. Have you ever looked at the beauty in a single leaf? My whole master bath in Taylorsville was filled with frames of just leaves. Those didn't survive the move though. Got to make some new ones. Merry Christmas by the way. Did you watch the devotional tonight? Best one in years seemed like to me.


belann said...

Beautiful!!! But, you've gotta have the eye to see what those weeds could be. Amazing gift you have.

Deja said...

I agree with Mom. You've got a knack for seeing the beauty in a weed. And these are beautiful.