Friday, December 26, 2008

I use up my two family party allotment.

We went to Kira's (my sister's) house for Christmas eve. It was a close race as to where this party was going to be, because my other sister said Kira wouldn't care enough, so it should be here. Then Jeff said he didn't want to put up with me caring "too much" all day and snapping at everyone while I got the house and food ready, so Kira was up. She cared. It was beautiful. They had a big fire going all night, and the food was great --even if it was supposed to be a low key sandwich bar. My brother in law grilled vegetables for us (outside in the snow bless him), and there was artichoke chutney, and roasted red pepper spread, and fresh green onion and herb cheese spread, and three kinds of bread, and more dessert than you could shake a stick at. Really. Your stick would be all worn out by the time you finished shaking it at all the treats.

We also did our traditional nativity with the kids, which was actually kind of pathetic because half of the cousins weren't there yet, and Kai refused to do it (even when I threatened no ice cream he wouldn't budge), my Mom had to be Joseph. That was a picture. My sister's husband isn't a member of our church, and I swear thought we were all nuts, which was a fair assessment.

Then last night was the Christmas DAY family party. Jeff's limit is two, so I used up my second one the next day. We don't get to go to the extended family party on Sunday now (well I could go without him but then everyone asks the whole time where he is, and it's awkward --what do I say? He doesn't like crowds of people, it doesn't matter who the people are, just crowds. People don't understand.), but we're going to his parents tomorrow for a couple of days, so it's all good anyway.

ANYWAY, we went to my parents for Christmas DAY party as I was saying, and ate again (Jeff says all we like to do at our parties is eat), and opened presents, and the kids got too many, and are going to be unlivable with now they're so spoiled, and then we watched a movie, which everyone deserted halfway through which is also a tradition, and then we noticed the RAIN outside had turned to SNOW. Not good. In Utah, that's like a death sentence if you're going to drive. The rain freezes, and then snow falls on top so you don't know where the ice is.

The last two days I'd been congratulating myself that the big storm they've been predicting never came so I could go to my beloved family parties, and then here it hits right at the end of the second one. Now, if I had been by myself, I would have said yay, and spent the night and gone shopping with my mom and sister the whole next day, but my man likes his privacy and his own bed, and so was motivated to RUN out the door to try to beat the storm (which was already there). Tia was crying she was so scared, but as soon as we got down off the mountain my parents live on it wasn't bad at all. In fact, the roads were dry by the time we got to Point o' the Mountain (the county line).

So yeah, we're alive, and yeah, after cleaning the house all day I'm wondering if life's worth living anyway (my tub and shower are REALLY clean now, but do you ever wonder if the effort is really worth it? It's just going to get dirty again. I HATE cleaning the shower.). We're going to need something fun tomorrow. Now I'm in the party mood, I want to party on I guess. Meesha's coming, and Garret, and there's after Christmas sales, so I guess I'm going to be OK (if I don't make myself sick with junk food first).


Deja said...

It was a lovely Christmas, and I'm glad you guys made it home okay. That was scary.

I wonder if after FOUR parties this week, Sam will institute a party limit, too. Party party!

Jacobson Five said...

I'm glad that you made it to all your get togethers. Sure sounds like you had a good time.

Kelli said...

do NOT let Rick know that there is such thing as "a party limit" ours would have been used up at halloween!

belann said...

I loved everyone moment or our Christmas parties. Glad Jeff has a two party limit and not a one party limit. Deja should be thrilled that he did three parties for her.