Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cookie Factory!

Jeff said it looked like a cookie factory in our kitchen. I said "It is". They turned out really cool this year, even with my non-discouragable helpers. That was a little hard for me sometimes, to let Tia and Ari help, and we did have a few casualties because of it, but I probably would still be working on a bunch of stale cookies now if it wasn't for their help.
I added a light blue flooding icing this year to some of them (inspired by Kuidaore).
Of course they didn't turn out nearly as sharp and perfect as hers, but then I don't think she was making 24 dozen (I know I told you only 23 dozen Kira, but it was 24), and trying to get them all done for neighbors before they were stale. She probably didn't have a ten year old and eight year old helping her either.

I finally found some sanding sugar in Orem (I went to 6 different stores, SIX!), and also found some small chocolate jimmies made by Guittard that tasted SO good --they were pure dark chocolate -I'm convinced. We also had our usual white non-pariels.

I also sent away to Amazon for a cookie decorating how-to book, and a new set of snowflake cutters that have the neat insert cutter pieces , so that was a fun new twist (until Ari made a whole batch of miniscule flakes that ended up driving me crazy to decorate).

All in all, it was a fun -but hectic- time. We did a marathon session Saturday from 9:00am- to midnight, and finally finished. Nothing has gotten me in the Christmas spirit like that though (really.). I was in the kitchen working with Tia and Ari up until their bedtime, and we're snitching pieces of dough, listening to Christmas carols on the radio (that "shmaltzy Christmas music" my Dad's so fond of --Jeff had to leave the room), smelling those good cloves and spices --I ground my own cloves this year- what a difference, and looking at these beautiful things we were creating while the snow really fell in Mapleton for the first time this year. We even had the fireplace going most of the day. Idyllic. This is what I dreamed of when I told my Aunt lynn I "just wanted to be a mom that made cookies with my kids". We used the rolling pin, and cookie recipes she gave me for my wedding present.


Deja said...

You are unbelievable. Wow.

Such pretty cookies. I bet those girls were thrilled to be involved, too. They're lucky to have you as a mama.

Jacobson Five said...

They were beautiful and yummy, so thanks.

Pretty Organizer said...

You need 3 more kids. Really. 3 AT LEAST. You're a health nut... It's the proper "resistance" training needed to build strength. You obviously are in a plateau physically and mentally... if you were really conditioning yourself, you'd have frosting on the counter, powdered sugar on the floor (and on your counter, and in your hair and on all the doorknobs!)and the snowflakes would look more like snowballs... and your letter would sound more like an apology instead of a Merry Christmas note. Yep 3 more kids will do it!

You never cease to amaze me Ms. Girl in a Whirl. Totally amazed. I kneel in AMAZEMENT at your complete awesomeness... SPEACHLESS. Fabulous cookies!

belann said...

They look too pretty to eat, but hopefully we will get to try one.