Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gingerbread kit

Well we did our traditional "cheap gingerbread house kit from Wal-Mart". After a big argument about how we did it last year (I maintained we decorated the pieces first and then put it together, as this only makes sense, and Tia insisted we put it together first --Tia won-- that's what the box says), the kids got going and managed to put it all together before taking it apart again and eating it. By the time I got home from my hair appointment (thank you thank you Sadie --what a miracle worker you are! I was grey grey grey), it was completely gone. Jeff maintains he threw it away, but I looked in the trash (so what? I was curious!) and the only thing there was the base. I think Jeff ate the remains!

OK this little guy looks like he's been through 'Nam. My favorite kind of gingerbread guy.

You can see Kai probably didn't get his fair share of helping time. My girls are a little OCD about baking stuff. Kai still had a little fun I think.


Deja said...

I love that look on Kai's face.

And the girls look so grown up. Incredible.

Kira said...

We did one last year and the whole thing ended up being rainbow theme so we named it "The Gingerbread House of Tollerance". We never ate it though 'cause it was nasty. We need some older kids I guess.

belann said...

Did Kai get his fair share of tasting? That's the most important part--for kids anyway.